Sea Kayaks, Paddles & Kit For Sale

paddling around the summer isles

Each season NorWest Sea Kayaking sells off kayaks and kit.  If you would like to discuss any boat, equipment or paddling kit needs, then please contact Norwest Sea Kayaking

P&H Scorpio  & LV-RRP-£1299     end of season price- £999
This boat has to be the best plastic boat on the market, it is stable yet fast and turns like a dream.  To see boat pictures, specs and reviews click on the links below



http://www.phseakayaks.com/osb/itemdetails.cfm?ID=20 (this is a link to a video of the scorpio being paddled-smooth/quick!)


P&H Delphin 150-RRP-£1299       end of season price-£999 
The most exciting thing to happen to Sea Kayaking in years!

This new P&H Delphin 150 turns traditional sea kayak design on its head and challenges many preconceived ideas of how a sea kayak should look and behave. The cockpit has been move backwards and the stern squared off so the bow just kisses the water, but when paddling the stern engages and aids tracking. This combination is unique to the Delphin creating a kayak that is long enough to paddle like a traditional sea kayak on flat water with enough speed to keep up with the pack but will transform into a new genre of free-ride sea kayak when it hits moving water, coming alive in tide races, over falls and surging water. 



Valley Aquanaut HV-RRP-£1299      end of season price-£999
This model is ideally suited to average weight paddlers and above. Ideal for paddlers requiring a fast, comfortable, all-round sea kayak. To see boat pictures, specs and reviews click on the links below



http://www.knoydart.co.uk/display.php?category=1&sub=valley - plastic&id=913


http://www.expeditionkayaks.com/valleyreviews.htm (third review down-about 4 reviews in total)



Valley Aquanaut Club-RRP-£1145     end of season price-£845
This boat is the only true full performance sea kayak on the market for this price.  It suits most paddlers as it is between the Aquanaut HV & LV in size and is very similar in size to the standard Etain.  It is stable yet fast and tracks well in the water.  It also has a rope skeg which means no more breaking your skeg wire! 
To see boat pictures, specs and reviews click on the links below



http://www.knoydart.co.uk/display.php?category=1&sub=valley - plastic&id=915


Venture Kayaks (made by P&H) Capella 160-RRP-£999       end of season price-£699

The proven performance plastic sea kayak with a long heritage within P&H Custom Sea Kayaks, the Capella 160 has been there, done that and got the T-shirt.

The combination of performance, durability and versatility has already made the Capella the choice of many instructors and centres around the world.



Venture Kayaks (made by P&H) Easky 15 & 15 LV-RRP-£779       end of season price-£479
A well-known tourer with traditional British sea kayak pedigree the Easky 15 is fast, holds a line well and will handle rougher waters with ease.



Kit and Paddles for sale

Werner Tybee CF-mid size high angle touring paddle

Straight 2 piece Carbon shaft/Carbon reinforced nylon

Length 210 & 215

RRP £145       End of season price-£100

As above but with bent shaft RRP £199.95      End of season price-£145

This touring paddle is exceptionally light, it has a medium sized blade meaning it is great for touring as you can use power when needed as opposed to all the time with a larger blade, meaning less strain on the body.

They are two peice, which is great for storage and using as a split paddle.  With just one twist it can be made into a right or left handed paddle.  You can also adjust the feather of the blades, making this the most versatile paddle for its price.

They are almost as light as the total carbon paddles, but come with the advantage that they are alot more hard wearing.

To see pictures and spec http://www.wernerpaddles.com/paddles/touring/recreational/tybee_cf_im/

Werner Tybee FG-mid size high angle touring paddle

The Tybee is Werners entry level touring paddle.   The premium 2 piece carbon blend shaft with the adjustable ferrule system is paired with fiberglass reinforced nylon blades giving a well balanced and durable paddle.

Length 210 & 215

RRP-119.99      End of season price-£75




Peak UK Adventure Single Touring Jacket- A fantastic sea touring jacket, with latex seals on wrists, so you stay warm and dry.  It is mid weight, so works well in all weather, we love these jackets.


Sizes-Medium & Large


End of season sale price-£110

  • X3 midweight nylon with 25m waterproofing
  • Articulated cut with bent elbows
  • Latex inner wrists with Aquaout outer seals
  • Zip opening outer neck with large hood & opening neoprene inner neck
  • Aquaout waist seal
  • Easy access double front zip pockets\
  • Fully taped seams & reflective stripes

Sizes:M. L. XL. 

Colours: Green. Blue

These paddling jackets are fantastic, they are really lightweight and breathable, so you can wear them in any weather and the hood rolls away.  They also look pretty good to!



Peak UK Explorer Zip Boyancy Aid- A great boyancy aid, good fit, great pockets and clips & Peak uk design things well and keep it simple!

  • Durable 600D ripstop PU coated cordura outer shell & 200D ripstop nylon inner
  • ISO approved
  • Olympic Gold cut with clean lined styling
  • 60-80N of Gaia environmentally friendly foam
  • Figure hugging shoulder adjustments with padded shoulder covers
  • Neoprene sides with snag free concealed side adjusters
  • Dual cavernous front pockets, flare pocket, adn radio pocket with gear clips and sewn drainage holes
  • Large back pocket for H20 drinks bladder
  • Reflective strips


Sizes-S/M, L,XL


End of season sale price-£79




Peak UK Standard Neoprene Deck- A great simple hard wearing neoprene deck.

  • Blind stitched and latex sealed seams throughout
  • Shockcord style deck
  • 4mm tough faced neoprene with latex reinforcing on top
  • No seams in the deck section

Size-Big Deck

Waist size-M/L


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